Soul Fever

In Motherhood on August 29, 2012 at 1:48 am

I’ve been reading a parenting book called, “Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids” by Kim John Payne.  In it the author considers a child who is out of sorts (i.e., struggling to make heads or tails of things, making poor decisions, impulsive, short attention spanned) as having a “soul fever.” At first I kind of laughed at this.  But then I realized that this euphemism is actually very accurate.  And, in fact just this past week, I felt my son was having a “soul fever.”  We had had a hectic week, with much less structure than usual and Nathan was having trouble dealing with simple things such as being asked to put this own shoes on, or to open the back door for his sister.  I mean all out tantrums.  Not just typical disgruntlement over being asked to do something.  To remedy this, I made sure to spend more one on one time with him this weekend.  I had him come with me to run some errands and along the way we found a fun activity to do together when we got home.  Clothes pin cars.  We bought a little kit that had instructions and all the pieces we needed to build the cars plus some extra stickers and little city buildings we could cut out, fold and tape together.  We took the activity one step further by taping some paper together and drawing roads, trees, a lake, mountains, etc. for the cars to drive around on.  It seemed to work like a charm.  Suddenly he was engrossed in an activity.  He was compliant and you could just feel the “fever” washing away.  The next day I took him to a birthday party on his own, without his sister.  Again, he maintained composure of himself and did not, luckily for me, freak out that I had not had time to stop and get him a gluten free/dairy free treat to take place of the cake I knew would be served.  So, after the party we stopped at a local gluten free bakery (Zest Bakery) and I got him a treat.  And, voila, my son was back. The “soul fever” was gone.  Yay!  Now, what caused the fever in the first place…. a hectic schedule and a certain set of toys that a very special person bought him that proved to be way too over stimulating.  Can I prevent this from happening again?  Most likely not, but at least now I know how enjoyable it is to cure the fever!

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