Time Alone: II

In Motherhood, Sewing on August 31, 2012 at 2:45 am

This week I had the fortune of having my son all time myself for a day while his sister spent the day with “Mimi” (their grandmother).  After a weekend of stolen moments with him, attempting to relieve him of his little “soul fever,” I was definitely looking forward to this day to solidify his return to my sweet boy.  And, it was a magical day.  We started out by going to one of our favorite toy stores (Talbot’s Toyland in San Mateo, CA).  It’s a favorite for many reasons.  The first reason being that it is where my mom used to take me when I was little.  Secondly, it is a real, old fashioned toy store.  It has wonderful bike, hobby (trains, remote control cars, etc.), doll, book and toy departments with their own specialists.  We started our visit to the store by racing cars around the track in the hobby department.  We then moved on to checking out a little 12″ two wheeler bike (since he is a crazy man on his balance bike), then back through the hobby section to look at more cars and to run the train on its track.  Next we went to play with the Thomas trains set up in the younger kid play area.  All in all I think we were there for over an hour and no, I did not buy him anything.  And, yes, he was ok with that!  He knew ahead of time that we were just going to go look and play and get an idea of what he wants for his birthday.  Snack was next and we did this while sitting on a bench outside the store which is super close to the train tracks.  So every time a train came by he had to go run around the corner and check it out.  Thankfully, the next part of the day, which was checking out new sewing machines for Mommy, went much more smoothly than I anticipated.  I think Nathan was just as excited about all the new fancy functions and embroidery stitches that the new machines have as I was.  Ok, maybe not just as excited as me, but he had fun: especially since we sewed his name and his age.  Oh how I wish a new machine was in our budget.  I had no idea how nice a sewing machine could be…..  But I digress….  the truth is that Nathan was such a perfectly sweet, inquisitive, devilish little boy through out the entire morning.  I adored watching his eyes light up as he saw a toy or gizmo that was new to him.  I loved being a part of his play and his story telling about all the new things he was seeing and why he had to have them.  We finished our outing by going back through the toy store and reading a few books.  If he is not playing with his trains or breaking his cars he is reading.  Finding books he hasn’t read is a challenge.  So it is always fun to sit and rad new books together and discuss why or why not he would want to have that book at home. Then we went home where we sat and had lunch together before settling in to prep dinner.  He has gotten very good at chopping vegetables, washing vegetables and helping me stir.  My husband had told me that he had done dishes a few days prior to this.  So when he asked to do the dishes I certainly did not say no.  He is 3 1/2 years old, mind you… and yet, he did an amazing job.  Yes, I had puddles of water to clean up on the floor and counter.  But the dishes were thoroughly cleaned.  I dried as he washed and we were done with dinner in no time.  Well, just in time for a little fun throwing a frisbee around and building a sand castle before heading out to pick up his sister.  It is in these moments alone with him, that I have the rare opportunity to see how much he has grown, mentally, physically and emotionally.  It is in these moments that I can breathe and enjoy his goofiness and curiosity for what they simply are.  It is in these moments that I am able to spoil him with love.  And it is in these moments that he and I know that we are connected in a way that no two other people are connected.  I am both amazed and inspired by my little man and I am ever so thankful for our time together.


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